Class Details at CSBD

A brief description of each type of class offered is provided to assist you deciding which class is for you.

Bolly Totsdesigned for 3 – 5 year olds. Short dance sequences using very simple dance moves are taught – the emphasis is on fun exercise.

Bolly Kids designed for 6 – 10 year olds. Introducing young children to Bollywood dancing. Routines are designed to improve co-ordination and encourage disciplined team work.

Beginnersideal for families; designed for kids (10 years and older) and adults. No previous dance experience required. A great introduction to Bollywood dancing.   Whilst learning you are having a fun workout.

Pro-beginners suited to Beginners looking for something a little more challenging and may also suit experienced dancers from other dance backgrounds. A great class for tweens and young teenagers as a transition from beginners to intermediates.

Intermediatessuited to experienced dancers.   Routines are generally taught at a fast paced and different dance styles maybe used. If you would like to be in our performance troupe then you should attend this class.

Fusion Semi classicalThis class is suited to those who have some experience in either Bollywood or Indian Classical dance as semi-classical is a fusion of both Bollywood and classical Indian dance.   A great class for those that want to explore Indian dance a little further.

Zumba and Family ZumbaZumba with a Bollywood twist. Our classes are conducted by qualified Zumba instructors and offer a great way to exercise. Our Family Zumba class is specifically designed to cater for all members of the family – if you’re looking for something a little more intense enrol in one of our other Zumba classes.

ANU CampusClasses held on campus and are scheduled to accommodate university semesters. Classes will be designed to suit all types of dance experience.